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Would you rather react or wait

Would You Rather React Or Wait…

A beautiful morning to all my friends and readers. I am super excited knowing that you are alive.

A quick one for today…

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How do you understand the phrase?

Man is naturally wired to react to things that affect them. Some can even react to things that do not concern them.

But, wait ooo.
Should we always be in a reaction mode? Is there any sense in waiting especially when you are hot and in pain? When the adrenalin pushes you so hard to do it now or seize to exist as a human being.

To wait does not mean inaction. It does not mean you are stupid. It does not make you less of a human being in any way.

Swift reaction without thinking or reasoning breeds an ocean of sorrow and sorry, you will say sorry when you are not supposed to do it. And this would affect your personality and self-esteem. It can affect your relationship with one another. It can create emotional wounds that may not be possible to heal easily. It can ruin your future. It can scare people away from you. It can make you lose favour.

Get your confidence back by being calculative in your reaction. Avoid immediate gain influence in your reaction. Think long term especially if it has to do with relationships. apply moral and logical reasoning to your reaction to issues.

Silence is one of the best tools. Learn to use it. It is better to maintain silence than to put fire in the preserved forest with your tongue

The reaction can be verbal and non-verbal. In all, exercise caution. Don’t react when you are angry. If you inflict wounds through your reaction, the wound may heal but you won’t take away the scars.

Let us learn to consider one another in our reactions.

Thank you for reading my 1kobo thought to the end.

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