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I have passion for creating wealth which greater part of it has to do with money. Hence, I will be sharing with you some secret about creating or amassing wealth and I will like you reading the article now to keep following me by visiting this site because it’s going to be an interesting journey.

Today, I will be talking about money. Some people has false perception about money which is a myth. Some people base their orientation on the Biblical advice that money is the root of all evil…Which the scriptures is stressing the love of money and allowing one’s self to be controlled by money not making money legally. For this set of people, it is evil and unrighteous to make much money. Some are of the view that money is only meant for a particular group of people, therefore, others has to suffer and struggle to survive.

Meanwhile, others think money doesn’t grow on trees, money doesn’t bring happiness, wealthy people are crook, money corrupts. The fact remains that whatever negative thoughts we have about money cannot change the importance of money to human survival. No one can live comfortably without it. It is pertinent for us to start changing our mindset about money.

Do u know why you have to change your mindset about money? The simple reason is that u can’t get something when u don’t feel good about that thing. If you don’t feel good about money, how then can make money to solve your problem….how can you create wealth and live a comfortable life? I’m yet to see anything worst than being poor, no wonder Mark Victor Hansan “poverty is a degrading, dehumanizing, cancer-like disease of an uniformed mind.”

We have to start feeling good about wealth even though we are not wealthy. Let illustrate this like this, imagine u are being given a blank cheque, u start thinking about the car, house, the jewelries and may be the company u want to start up and so on. Doesn’t that feel good?

Money is not everything but it’s rank right up there with oxygen. Achieving a personal fortune is a beautiful thought. So start thinking about this until we talk soon.

Money Is Good, Feel Good About It…


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