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Utilising Your Hidden Potentials

UTILIZING YOUR HIDDEN POTENTIALS: A Real-Life Story presented in the Life Coaching Academy(LCA) WhatsApp Group.

Read and be motivated to explore what is inside you.

Good evening great achievers, am so delighted to be part of this.. and especially the opportunity to share my experiences with you all.. Trust this would go a long way to encourage us.

As a graduate of Banking and Finance, I had never thought I would become what I am now and that is why am bringing to the table “Utilizing your hidden Potentials”.

First, what we should know is that the word “utilize” simply is, to make the best use of, to use to its fullest extent.

Secondly, we should also know that the word “Potential” simply is the unrealized ability… Interesting right? You could agree with me that millions amongst us haven’t fully realized or discovered their potentials,  not to even utilize it.

These hidden abilities are embedded in us, it only takes a thorough scrutiny to   unleash.. now let me spare much grammar and bring in my life experiences

As a graduate, it has been a normal trend, in having difficulties securing that dream job, sometimes we keep chasing them,  not knowing that we have our dream jobs chasing us.

Truly, I only got to discover my hidden potentials right after obtaining my BSc Certificate,  I had no idea that I could be a very creative artist, honestly, I never did practice this in school, never!

Most times I get questions, like did you studied this in school? and simply the answer was no… I’m only a self-taught, Autodidactic!

To be honest, I never studied art in school, but the extent to which I quickly evolved into being a good creative artist, left many in wonders

Now, you may ask, what spurred me? What is that that brought out my hidden potentials?. Sadly, millions of Nigerians are living without knowing that they have much greater potentials unleashed, untapped.

There is this common saying “many unused talents are buried beneath the grave”

Okay, what spurred me? You can agree with me that, WHAT INTERESTS YOU, ATTRACTS YOU! Vise versa.. you can only be attracted by your interest, therefore drawing you closer to learning that area of Interest.

If u read this carefully,  you will understand that, I caught up with this talent when I first glanced through a fantastic drawing, I was so excited and inquisitive to know  and learn how the supposed artist drew it.. so that was how I picked up interest, I started drawing alongside, making series of attempts.

Gradually I realized that i loved and had full interest in creativity, especially drawings

Despite making series of errors in my attempts,  I realized I was good in drawing… friends and associates also attested to that and that was my major encouragement,  so I continued.. I didn’t stop..

This started during the year 2016

Basically,  what spurred me, was my inner interest, and zeal, alongside attestations/good remarks too.

What brought out this hidden potential? Two words “Love & Passion”

Without these two words,  love and passion it wouldn’t have been possible

And so, it has been a quite wonderful adventure as a self taught artist, bringing much yields and returns.. Granting me the opportunity to be vastly know/popular for something. I has been a great experience..

And being vastly known for it, sustained me.. income wise.. Never underestimate your potential

A milestone of my career as a self taught artist was the privilege of performing and showcasing my talent in the midst of notable men like the  King Jaja of Opobo, Oni of Efe Lagos, and Governor Nyesome Wike(represented).

Gaining such popularity, was indeed great.. Even the bible affirms that being diligent in our handy works, can lead us to meet kings and queens (proverbs 22:29)

Christian Joe2: Therefore, in summary.. Never underestimate that hidden potentials… it could be anything.. Discover it! WHAT INTERESTS YOU ATTRACTS YOU! vise versa!  You may never tell where the fortunes lies.

Thank you for the opportunity to share my story.

Written by Christian Joe, A Self Taught Artist.

Phone: +234 902 630 2751

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