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Happy New Month to all my friends and readers. Welcome to October with great expectations.

Congratulations on making it to this month. This is a prove that you can still live your purpose and become whatever you want to become with God by your side and your persistent action.

We are only left with two months for active activities. The month of December always come with lots of distractions which you may not be able to concentrate on any activities that align with your goals, except in some cases.

Our topic of discussion is SHOW UP. These two words are so powerful, they can transform your life before the end of this year.

What does it mean to SHOW UP?

This is to be alive and face your goals and dreams on daily basis. It means being available physically to do what you suppose to do. It also means being alive mentally to reason and see what you suppose to see to take action. If you are not alive mentally, you cannot do any meaningful thing physically.

Go where you suppose to go at the right time.

Make that call at the right time.

Make that decision now don’t procrastinate.

Show up in that meeting on time and make your inputs. Let your voice be heard.

Show up and be responsive to your health, family, organization, your business, relationship etc

Show up in upgrading your knowledge and skills.

Show up in attitude change. Do away with those attitudes that scare people away from you.

Show up for God, worship Him, serve Him and pray always.

Show up for your customers and be responsive to their complaints and needs. Note, even your staff are internal customers.

You get to SHOW UP every minute. You must make every minute count. You must overcome distractions with focus and hold yourself accountable.

Set a reward mechanism in place to motivate yourself to show up for consistent and persistent action.

Show up and understand that it’s hard, it’s not going to be easy. Get ready and prepare to go all out for a win.

SHOW UP for good and be known.
Avoid evil.

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