It is we consider the above subject “Repeat Customers“. These are those Customers/clients who is doing business with you for a long time. They trust you to an extent that they find it very difficult to patronise others in your absence.

Every business be it big or small survive because of these set of Customers. They are business makers, they are like dye hard football fans who support their team even when they loose matches.

Unfortunately, these customers/clients are often taken for granted by some business especially when they are very close in relationship. The fact is that they will blowing your trumpet if you treat them well (free advert).

These set of customers can equally bring down your business if you offend them and feel so big to reach a compromise to settle in a win-win manner. When they are provoke by poor services or any other thing that tampered with their product and services satisfaction, they will remember how they have contributed to your success and possibly not being to point out any reciprocal gesture from your end. These will result to them trying to pay you back in bad coins by telling others how bad you are… Off course this is not good for your business.

Therefore, questions begging for answer are:

Do you know your Customer base and those that are repeat customers(the number of your Customers as at today)? Can you track your business growth base on increase or decrease of your paying Customers? Have you ever appreciate your customers in a tangible way? Have ever done anything that when your customers remember they will resolve to keep patronizing you? Etc

Your answers to the above questions will help you to put up action plan that will help in your quest to retain customers and turn increase your return on investment.

*Action Points*

1. Start today and keep track of your Customer base.
2. Get hardcover note book or create data base in your computer using any application to keep your record.
3. Every Customer that comes, politely ask for any of these: name, phone number, email.

Note: Some customers may not give you audience while some will gladly do so. Whatever the case don’t give up. You can equally design a form to be filled during transaction which will help you get those information with ease.

Now, what will you use those information for.
1. Take it as a point of duty to send them thank you message via text or email after transaction, send them new month message or  celebrate with them during festive periods etc.
2. You will notify them about new services, products, bonuses, promo etc.
3. Ask them for feedback on how they feel about your business, ways they think you can improve.
4. Give them update on industry new development or event that will affect them.

PS. Your Customer should be treated like your best friend.

PS. Always maintain smiling face no matter the stress of life and train your staff to do so. Maintain an effective Customer relationship.

PS. Make yourself accessible.
This way, they will keep coming for life.
This information is useful for both those in business, intending business people, entrepreneurs, managers, workers, educationists, etc.

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