Itoro and Joel


When the good people of Ntippe Ibibio elected our thoroughbred media entrepreneur and highly celebrated talkshow host, Mr. Itoro Columba as Chairman of Ikono Local Government Council, little did they know, that they were bringing forth a political superstar and a focused gentleman who would change political narratives of the area, raise economic fortune of his people, reawaken sounder mental reasoning of a common man in the street and re-define the scientific- culture of governance at the grassroot.

By the time his Administration was celebrating first Hundred Days in office, the council helmsman had already attracted many friends and admirers due to his numerous achievements bothering on Renovation, Empowerment, Roads’ Grading, Borehole Water Project, Entrepreneurship, Career Trainings, Improved Health Delivery, Educational Advancement, Sports and Asset Recovery.

One year plus, his well-crafted agenda is still breathing fresh in the minds of every A’Ibom faithful, impacting the locals with life-touching policies, entrenching goodwill anywhere he goes, doing good as taught by Jesus’ examples and renewing the consciousness of electorate in all ramifications.

The super-performing boss has hit the ground running by leveraging on his contact and ensuring that the good people of Ikono maintain the cradle land as PDP territory without shifting base up till date.

As Leader who lives up to expectations, he has in 2017 taken the Nation by storm, when he carted home the LOGMA Award as the best Local Government Chairman in the country.

No wonder the Ntippe Ibibio natives are well-pleased having him at the saddle, as these and many more have won admirers to him from home and abroad. These are incontestible facts even his political antagonists cannot question.

Two days ago, story of a young man known as ‘secret admirer’ came up. For a long period running, Mr. Joel Edet who noticed that Mr. Columba’s performance cannot be swept under the carpet, has earlier taken to his facebook handle and decided to put up a clear writeup with the caption, ITORO COLUMBA, WHAT A MAN: A FINE JOB BY HIS MEDIA HANDLERS.

Some extracts of his message: “I may not be a very popular Facebook user, after all I don’t have up to five thousand friends, so I’m not a known user (in my corner) but,I log on once in awhile to keep myself abraced”.

“Dear Itoro Columba, I desire nothing but a handshake and a photograph with you. I hope am not asking for too much? I want to pose with the man who has brought development too close to the people. The water projects you have attracted to various community in Ikono and some roads intervention alone are enough to post this few lines of mine”.

He went further, expounding several achievements Ikono Council boss berthed the cradle city from assumption of office. The young graduate who is in his early 30s, carefully and creatively penciled chairman’s performance by capturing them as remarkable feats, which can only be found in nowhere else other than the cradle land of Ikono.

Describing himself as a native of Ikot Ekan in Etinan Local Government Area and A-2013 Graduate from the Department of Surveying and Geo-informatic, Akwa Ibom State Polythenic, Joel at the summation of his piece requested to have JUST A HANDSHAKE with the Executive Chairman.

And when the people-oriented chairman stumbled on his piece via Facebook account, immediately showed interest in fulfilling the youngman’s long-awaited dream, who rather took solace in redefining His destiny via this golden handshake; a path that has truly transformed his life within a few minutes with Mr. Columba.

Yesterday, Mr. Joel Edet coasted home with an envelop and was warmly satisfied.

Life itself is a daring adventure. Anyone can achieve it, if one dares to succeed. And you can never understand the height you can attain, until you dare to engage in the race many tremble or fear to tread.

What a fulfilled dream!
What a secret admirer!!
Just a handshake!!!


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