Itoro Columba warns cattle rearers on abysmal destruction of farm produce in Ikono

Itoro Columba warns cattle rearers on abysmal destruction of farm produce in Ikono

….as Ikono women protest against invasion by herdsmen

As part of palliative measures toward securing our farmlands against destruction and protecting of lives and properties from further havoc in the cradle city, Ikono council helmsman, Akparawa Itoro Columba, today issued strict warning to all cattle herders situating in Nung Ukim Ikot Etefia, to desist from causing mayhem against the farmers of Ntippe Ibibio and their farm produce.

The locals have been protesting against the invasion of their farmlands by herders who don’t only make rape advances at the women in Ntippe Ibibio community, but unleashed their roaring cattles to devour already planted crops with disdain; an unwarranted situation that left farmers with nothing to show for their labour.

The fruitful meeting which held in his office at Ikono Local Government Council Secretariat in Ibiaku Ntok Okpo, also discussed issues arising from protest recently carried out by women of Nung Ukim Ikot Etefia community and other concerned dwellers in the area, to the palace of Ikono Paramount Ruler and Police State using placards among other channels in Ikono Local Government Area.

Speaking at the meeting, the Ikono Council boss, Mr Itoro Columba said, he had to defy tight schedule to be in the meeting which was the reason an invite was sent to both natives of Nung Ukim community alongside Mayetti Allah Executive members, aimed at forestalling pending danger in the land and to address cow owners on possible compensation to the owners of farmlands invaded by herds of cattles through crises which directly destroyed their produce, saying such threats on his people is strange and cannot be taken lightly anymore.

The chairman thanked the youths of the community for not retaliating, acknowledging their sole duty which is to defend their people against killing, destruction and mayhem in the land. He said, as listening chairman that his administration will follow up the case to it’s successful end, describing the act as barbaric which Ikono people have decided not to escalate as an issue. Council boss enthused, that the association is a well-structured body capable of compensating Ikono farmers.

Columba said, Ikono people are very hospitable and where herders’ right stops is the beginning of women’s rights in the land. The veteren Journalist advised cattle owners to take the advice back home for peace sake, emphasizing that two important resolutions must be reached at the meeting today as a way forward: Compensation method to Ikono farmers and refrain from further inversion by herders, adding that anyone can do a business without infringing on the rights of others.

Also speaking, the village head of Nung Ukim Ikot Etefia, Etteidung Effiong Akpan said, similar crisis happened some three years ago which led to an allegation earlier leveled against his personality to have collected a whooping sum of Three Hundred Thousand Naria, thanking God on the vindication after a successful investigation.

The community head, spoke on their decry complaining about the high level of destruction caused so far and pleaded with the chairman to find lasting solution to it.

Others who also spoke during the joined meeting included the Secretary-General of Mayetti Allah Association, Mr Ahmed Aliyu, Women Leader of Nung Ukim Ikot Etefia, ObongAnwan Arit Henry, Youth Leader, Akparawa Ubong Sunday and other members of Myetti Allah association. They all frown at such act as an infringement of liberty and promised to work together to unravel as well as end such abysmal practice.

At the end of the meeting, a certain Mr Ibrahim Musa was mentioned as coordinator of other cattle rearers in Ikono and was equally tasked with a position to assist security agents with investigation to track down anyone linked to the farm menace.

Present at the meeting were the Ikono LGC Vice Chairman, Hon (Dr) Idoteyin Etokobong, Council Secretary, ObongAnwan Ofon Mike Akpan, Divisional Police Officer in-charge of Ikono, SP Edet Udofia, NSCDC boss in-charge of Ikono, Superintendent Nino Roberts, DSS boss in-charge of Ibiaku, Mr Effiong Joseph, Village Head of Nung Ukim Ikot Etefia, Eteidung Effiong Akpan, Women Leader, ObongAnwan Arit Henry, Village Chairman of Nung Ukim Ikot Etefia, Obong Emmanuel Tom, Youth President, Akparawa Ubong Sunday Inyang, Members of Mayeti Allah and Aides to Ikono LG Chairman.


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