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Intentional Deafness

Intentional Deafness.

Thank God it’s Friday. I’m super excited to know that you are alive and waxing strong.

Back to our topic intentional deafness. To be International means being purposeful, deliberate etc. Deafness is a condition where one is not hearing sound or verbal conversations. It also means a condition whereby one is unwilling to hear.

Why is this topic important to us? We are in a society where there is a lot of noise. The sounds that penetrate our ears have negative or positive effects on us.

To get an understanding of this topic, let’s consider the story of the travelling frogs.


A group of frogs embarked on a journey. Unfortunately, two of them fell into a pit. They struggle to come out of the pit but it was a difficult task. The other frogs yell telling the two it is as bad as them being dead in the pit because they can’t come out.

They keep shouting telling them to resigned to their fate and die instead of passing through pain. After too much consistent yelling, one of the frogs gave up. He accepted the message he received and died.

The other frog keeps jumping persistently. He didn’t give heed to their shouting. Fortunately, his effort paid. He was able to struggle out of the pit.

While meeting his group members, they asked him why he didn’t respond to their yelling to give up. The surviving frog explain to them that he was deaf. He didn’t hear them.

Wow! That is interesting. I know you may have known this story before. And today it makes its way to our Today Energy tonic. One of the meanings of deafness is being unwilling to listen. What if the surviving frog was able to hear his colleagues discouraging words, he wouldn’t have been alive to tell the story like his colleague.

The Price

Some of us have missed an important thing in life because we listen to negative and discouraging words from our colleagues, spouses, friends, family members, strangers etc. Some of us would have achieved more if we had applied intentional deafness when that discouraging statement was made into our ears.

Some people have lost their lives in a similar way the death frog did because they think there is no way out of their problems, they decided to give up.

Some parents, family members, bosses, business partners, pastors friends, have been the reason others quits, died, suffering because of the negative statement they made which affect the victim. It is not everybody who can stand firm and keep pushing in the middle of persistent discouragement from a close and dear one.


Let us resolve not to listen or hear everything that enters our hearing mechanism.

Let us not be a source of discouragement to others because the victim may not have the opportunity to live or even forgive you.

Let us not be quick to press the quit button when our effort is not the best we can put in.

Let us inculcate the habit of going the extra mile because sometimes normal does not bring the desired result.

Being intentionally deaf to some energy-depleting words is a strength we should maintain if we desire to achieve better things and live our purpose. Don’t be carried away by the noise around you. Even if it enters your ear, you still have control over how you respond to it.

Focus and be committed to your noble course. Those who try to stop you may do it out of ignorance. Let your action today create a moment of positive storytelling in the future.

Thank you so much for reading my 1kobo thought to the end. Be great

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