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Instant Gratification

Instant Gratification: The hidden enemy of our dreams.

Gratification is the pleasure derived from the satisfaction of our desires. We have instant and delayed gratification

Instant gratification is the desire to experience please without delay while delayed gratification is resisting the impulse to take immediate reward with the expectation of getting a more valuable reward later.

This article will focus on instant gratification most importantly how it has affected our daily life and purpose on earth.

Instant gratification is concern about now or never. The body has a way of responding to happening around and within us by releasing the dopamine chemical which induces happiness in us. We most times be carried away by the immediate feelings which may turn out to be short-lived. Some of the things we grave for do not worth it except just for a short period.

Instant gratification can expose us to dangers because we are in a haste to get it without understanding the language of waiting or patience. It does not encourage objective consideration of things before we go for it especially when there is a mouth-watering promise of change in our current situation…who doesn’t like good things?

The overriding influence of instant gratification on our lives play out in different dimensions. In the decision-making process, we tend to decide in a hasty manner which would turn out to bring bad experiences to us in the long run. Life decisions should not be taken based on our present feelings. We should give room for empirical analysis of what is involved to enable us to make an informed stand with responsibility.

Effects on Business

In business, this hidden enemy also raises its ugly head to mislead us to make wrong choices. Some people fail in business because of poor management decisions. They go for products and services that promise huge financial gains at the surface without digging deep to learn the secret that will help in sustaining the business. It is often said not all that glitters are gold.


In the religious world today, we want miracles now. That is why you see people falling into the trap of fake prophets who uses magic power to perform miracles deceiving those that seek instant results. You can see people moving from one worship centre to another in search of an immediate solution without adhering to the Biblical principle of waiting for the set time of God.

Social Media

In the social platforms, this has become an alarming scenario. Everybody is in the speed learn. It is common to see people scrolling up and down the social media pages looking for things that satisfy their appetite which may not add value to their lives. Decency is brushed down rather people indulge in posting nude pictures to seduce and attract the uncultured souls to patronize their woes. This boiled down to having pleasures that satisfy their urge.

Some use the same tools to better themselves and others that connect with them in their different community. This set of people learn hard work and perseverance. They are value-oriented and also focus on their dreams.

Note: Sometimes what makes us happy is not what gives meaning to our lives. We just want to fulfil our desires immediately while the happiness will vanish away like vapour in a short time.


Let’s look at a scenario of training children, schooling marriage, setting up a business, managing the business to grow, pursuing a career, building communities, human capacity development, investing, etc. Do we derive instant gratification from doing those things mentioned above? Do we enjoy passing through the experiences at the onset? Do our expectations meet easily? The answer is likely to be no.

You need to face the reality. It takes time to build lasting joy and happiness. You need to inculcate the following attributes, perseverance, patience, hard work etc. You must create time, be ready to endure the initial pain. You should garner enough energy and be disciplined. Those traits will help you to keep working, delay the pleasure until it is time to celebrate your success.

We are in a technology-driven era where everything is at top speed. A lot of things has evolved and we must also evolve to meet up with the times. But we must not be carried away because there are ills that are embedded in the change. So many people are operating today without restraints which have exposed them to be victims of some avoidable dangers because of NOW OR NEVER syndrome.

In all these, there are things we can do to help us adopt delayed gratifications while we keep checks on instant gratification.

Suggested Solutions

  1. Since human beings are prone to doing things that attract pleasure, we should take steps to break our life goals into small parts(chunking). We should applaud ourselves whenever we achieve those smalls parts of our big goals. Celebrate your small win. This is very important because your body will be activated to do more to attract the same appreciation. We all like to be applaud when we do things.
  2. Accept the fact that instant gratification is a problem that needs to be solved. Don’t pretend or live in denial. If you don’t acknowledge the existent of a problem you cannot find the solution to it.
  3. Know what you want in life and tie it to your goals. Brainstorm on possible obstacles that may come in to take your attention away and devise means of dealing with them before it comes. Read about distraction in my last articles.
  4. Set a target for yourself and boundaries. There are certain things you don’t need to give attention no matter how glittering it is. We don’t have absolute freedom, don’t embrace everything no matter how joyful it may look.
  5. Create a reward system for yourself. Celebrate your small wins as earlier stated.
  6. Learn delayed gratification and its benefits while you acknowledge the existence of instant gratification but don’t prioritize it.
  7. Focus on your dreams, think about them, visualize them, and be committed to pay the price that is needed for its accomplishment.

In the words of Julian Ovenden, I quote “I think it’s kind of nice, in this day and age of instant gratification, that you have to wait for something.”

Thank you for reading my 1kobo thought to the end.

Instant gratification is sweet but lacks lasting joy. Go for delayed gratification. Learn to wait where it is necessary.

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