…Ekpema Mbaba, Emem George, Aniekan Asuquo Affected

The Ikono Legislative Arm of Government yesterday has suspended three councillors indefinitely due to indiscriminate choas, unruly attitude and rascality leading to the damage of its MACE which is the symbol of Authority, stirring related problems against the Standing Orders of the House and disrupting the flow of proceedings during her plenary on the 12th May, 2020.

The indefinite suspension effective last Tuesday, 19th May, 2020 was slammed on the 3 affected members by the leader of Ikono legislature and councilor representing ward 4, Hon Samuel Udo with the approval of all the lawmakers in attendance during session, held at the chambers, council Headquarters in Ibiaku Ntok Okpo.

While the ward 9 Councillor, Hon Ekpema Mbaba was suspended for attempting to steal the MACE which is the symbol of authority of the Legislature, leading to MACE destruction–a desecration of the hallowed chambers, violation of the provisions of the Standing Order of the House (Orders 17 paragraphs B and D, and 33 Rules 1-7), and a breach of the Oath of Allegiance which the affected Councillor swore to.

Meanwhile, the ward 11 councillor, Hon Emem George’s lackadaisical display of bad faith, indiscipline and gross misconduct found in snapping, videoing and trending same content on different social media platforms while the legislative business was going on, thereby throwing support on the rascality exhibited by her suspended colleague, Hon Mbaba to bring the House to disrepute was considered sacrilageous, contemptuous and a gross violation against the House Rules and Regulations, was considered punishable.

She was suspended accordingly. Emem, until this suspension held sway the office as Deputy Leader of the House.

In a related development, the leader, by his veto had consequently suspended the Chief Whip of the House, Hon Aniekan Asuquo from ward 8 forewith, due to his complicity in the form of abatement and alignment with others to stir commotion during the sitting on that same 12th May.

Briefing the House during plenary, the leader of Ikono legislature said, the suspension of the three lawmarkers were inevitable and in line with the Standing Order of the House, and Legislative best practice, so as to pave the way for obedience to the rule of Laws, maintaining of the House standing Orders by all its members and upholding the sanctity of the Legislature which according to him, they swore to abide, protect and preserve.

Ikono legislature is made up of eleven councilors from the 11 wards in the Local Government Area; all from the People’s Democratic Party (PDP).

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