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How To Unstuck From Toxic Habit.

How To Unstuck From Toxic Habit.

Habit is a regular practice that is hard to give up. Habits are those tendencies that we practice often which for a long time become part of us.

Toxic is poisonous, a harmful element that is unpleasant and pervasive to our common good.

For a habit to be toxic means such habit does not support our well being. It is against success and can hinder us from living our purpose.

Certain factors expose us to toxic habit formation.

These factors include:
• Exposures to people who already practice such habits, that is peers influence.

• Idleness, those that are not meaningfully engaged are likely going to indulge in negative practices that work against them.

• Stress and boredom. Stress is a common problem in contemporary times. Many people develop bad habits to assuage their stress. But these bad habits instead of helping them overcome stress rather contribute to their problem. Like smoking and alcoholism.

• Your feeling can trigger your bad habit formations. Your mental, emotional and physical state. This disposes you to practice certain behaviours. For example, some environments can make you feel in a particular way, you see yourself beginning to eat food that is not healthy. You are lonely, the only option is for you to clue to your TV even in the early morning hours watching home videos when you suppose to go out to work. You keep remembering bad things people did to you or your family, you keep thinking about revenge. This will push you to evil practices that will enhance your revenge plan.

• Environment. Where you live and work can expose you to bad habits. Imagine living in a place that smoking is a popular practice, your boss and colleagues in the workplace are smokers. Continuous exposure to this behavioural pattern will exert a negative influence on you. At a long time, you will begin to see it as a normal way of life and possibly join because behaviour is contagious and can be learnt.
Effects of Toxic Habit
Toxic habits can affect us mentally, physically, emotionally, socially, economically etc.

• Toxic habits are poisonous to your health. It drains you dry. For instance smoking and alcoholism affect your mental health, liver functions. You can’t be coordinated in thoughts if you are addicted to smoking and alcohol. You may be deceived by looking healthy in the physical appearance but inside you is rotten. Even producers of cigarettes warn that smokers are liable to die young. Unfortunately, this warning falls on deaf ears. They don’t love themselves.

• Toxic habits are costly. It does not bring good to you. You can spend money on solving problems, the same money you should have used in doing something that makes your life valuable. If you have the habit of causing violence, fighting, quarrelling. Is either you become a customer to the Police or you spend money on the treatment of wounds, or you destroy your properties. This would lead to economic woes.

• Habits like leaving in the past, allowing your past to affect your present will not allow you to get up and take action that will change the narrative. You will dwell in negativity. It will affect your reasoning. It will lead to low self-esteem. You will hardly know that this affects your growth in life. This will make you recruit enemies for yourself even when they do not exist. You will have poor self-worth. You would always expect bad things. A bad habit is a destroyer of hope.

• It will affect your relationship with others and won’t attract good people to you.

• Someone with toxic habits will lack real happiness and self loved. Hatred will rule him or her.

• You will always see bad in every situation, nothing good can come out. Unfortunately, your bad thought will attract bad things to you.
• Etc

How To Get Rid Of Bad Habits.

I believe in the mantra that all problems have solutions. It is possible to get rid of toxic habits that worked against us. Though, it may take a long time just as it took long for the habit to formed.

Try the following:

  1. Get awareness of the particular habits that you want to change, who you are, why you are here on earth, your present situation, desired levels in life, factors that trigger your toxic habits, effects of the toxic habits on you and people around you. To achieve this you must be sincere, see the bad habit as something you want to change, be committed and intentional to the course.
  2. Identify your toxic habits triggers
  3. Know your WHY. And your WHY should be very big. It should contain pain and pleasure.
  4. Practice self-love and self-care. This is very important. If you love yourself, you won’t do anything that will cause pain to you. You would not want to harm yourself. You will sacrifice all to care for yourself. Begin to look yourself in the mirror. Ask yourself whether you love the man or woman you are seeing in the mirror. Could this man be better than he is in the mirror? What feeling will the better version of this man generate? How would you prove to the man in the mirror that you love him? Your genuine and sincere answers to those questions will shape your thinking and sublime negative thoughts.
  5. Practice visualization. This is powerful in problem-solving including habits change. Start seeing yourself on another level. Bring your desires, good habits you want and the happy life this new habit will elicit to your mind with pictorial representation. Eg. If your smoking habit has cause you or someone you know or heard about a bad health condition. Visualize how painful the situation is and what the end would be. Then, visualize a life without those health challenges, your happy moment and a sickness free life. Compare the two. Because you love yourself, your mind will accept a healthy living life. When your mind accepts it, it will support your decision and action to change.
  6. Get an accountability plan. This can be someone that will remind you about your plan. Support you for the change process. Someone that will empathize rather than sympathize with you.
  7. Set a reminder in your phones or gadget that you are working with to remind you of the action you suppose to take.
  8. Form or join a good network of people that supports your new habits.
  9. Read books on habits, listen to audio messages, watch videos on habit formations, attend events that promote happy and healthy living.
  10. Work on yourself daily.

The above solutions are not exhaustive. There are other things you can try. Understand that it is hard, then try hard to change that toxic habits that work against you and your purpose on earth.

Thank you very much for reading my 1kobo thought to the end.

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