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How Right Is Your Priority?

How Right Is Your Priority?

This is straight talk to great minds. Priority is simply a thing that is regarded as more important than others. In life, some things are a must-do to make your existence meaningful. Others are not necessary which should not take our time or share our attention.

It is like opportunity cost in economics where you have to forgo something for another based on preference or order of needs.

Our priorities affect our growth. When you mortgage your limited time to something that is not valuable to you at that particular time, you are driving on the wrong route to your destination.

Decision making is very key in setting our priorities. Just like you arrange your needs and wants on a scale of importance, you should also scale your priority before taking a stand on what to do per time.

Consider the pros and cons of your priority. Don’t set your priority haphazardly. Don’t set your priorities based on emotions. Don’t set your priority because others are doing similar things.

Let your priority be result oriented. Let your everyday priority be goals oriented.

Let your priority align with your dreams.

Let your priority be value-oriented.

Let your priority have a short and long term view in line with your life purpose.

Set an informed priority.

Let your priority be a priority indeed.

Thank you for reading my 1kobo thought even as you keep prioritizing right.  


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