Fruits and Vegetables

fruits and vegetables

Fruits and Vegetables

Fruits and vegetables are very essential in the quest to maintain balance dieting in our daily food menus. This natures gifts has a lots of health benefits that helps the body to function optimally. Fruits and vegetables are beneficial because it is natural sources of minerals and vitamins.

Fruits that has  fibre helps to improve the performance of digestive organs. The fibre contents in fruit has a good laxative effect in the body and also makes you feel full by adding more nutrition to the diet. Fibrous fruits is good for health conditions like heart diseases by reducing hyperlipidaemia and hypertension, diabetes mellitus and obesity. Fruits also have anti-carcinogenic properties, and are known to prevent cancer e.g colon cancer and fight bowel disorders.

These natures providence helps in correcting some health deficiencies emanating from lack of some vitamins in the body. It is advisable to eat fruit and vegetables on a daily base to increase the functioning of different organs the body.

Health Benefit of Fruits and Vegetables

Fruits and vegetables is very important for those that are on dieting to lose weight. They provides all the necessary nutrients the body needs to avert weight gain; they do not add fat to our body. Eating of fruit and vegetables help ones to stay away from some disease complications that might make life unbearable, such health conditions includes cancer, heart disease, diabetes, hair loss, skin infection, high blood pressure, heat stroke, infections, etc.

Eating Fruits and Vegetables

Fruits especially preferable to be eaten fresh and raw to enhance its health benefits for the body. Some vegetables is good to be eaten fresh and in raw form for its effectiveness, but some vegetables needs to be cooked before eating. Ways of eating some fruits and vegetables varies in some cultures and societies based on their belief system.

Preparing Fruits and Vegetables Before Eating

Proper Preparation is very important to avoid bacteria infection as a result of consumption which might find its way on them during exposure. If not properly washed can result to sickness. Hence, these natures providence should be properly washed with salt especially those ones to be eaten raw like fruits. Prevention is always better than cure. Health is wealth, we should value our health by being careful on what we eat daily.

Fruits and Vegetables Gallery.

There are many types of fruits and vegetables in our locality. Some societies have preferences on the types fruits and vegetables they eat while forsaking some which they may see them as being against their belief. therefore, there is no hard rules on what to be eaten or not but rather base on choices. Below is some common fruits and vegetables that we can easily come by.

Apple, coconut, water melon
Apple, Coconut, Water melon
onions and vegetables
Onions vegetables
corn and vegetables
Corn and vegetables
purple grapes
purple grapes
kiwi fruit vegetable salad
kiwi fruit vegetable salad

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    Wow! lovely post. fruits and vegetables are very essential ingredients in our day-day consumption. But give best result when eat with empty stomach then allow for 45mins -1hr before taken normal meal. Thanks ND-one blog.

  2. […] Sleep helps regulate the hormones that affect and control your appetite. This will not give room to eat much food especially those high in carbohydrate instead of vegetables and fruits. […]

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