Ndiana-abasi ekarika

Ndiana-Abasi Ekarika is a Professional Life Coach, Life Purpose Coach, Goal Setting Success Coach, a Business Development Strategist, Online Entrepreneur, Social Media Expert, Customer Relationship Management Professional and Author.

He has  help hundred of clients to find meaning about life while living their purpose. He has empowered hundreds of clients with strategies and guides that turn around their business to success.

He has many students in his community where he coach and mentor them on how to set goals and achieve them, how to discover their life purpose and live it.

He has passion to impact on lives. He has written 3 books. He believes that success is possible with right action. 


We serve our clients  and students in the following ways.

  • Coaching- One on one, group and virtual.
  • Mentorship-One on one, group and virtual
  • Courses- EBooks, video, audio and virtual
  • Tools and Book recommendation
  • Telecasting
  • Community on social platforms-WhatsApp, Facebook, Telegram, YouTube, etc
  • Business Consulting- Online and offline