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Dress like a prospect not a suspect

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Dress Like A Prospect Not A Suspect.

Happy new working day. I trust God that your weekend was splendid.

Today interest has to do with our appearance. This topic covers the entirety of what one can see in you with his/her eyes.

It is often said, dress as you would want to be addressed. Our appearance attracts. Our appearance speaks. Our appearance most times sends more messages about you than you can imagine.

People in most cases pay attention to what they see and react base on that than what they can’t see until they are being told.

This is so important that some corporate organizations incorporate dress codes in their corporate culture. This is taken very serious that failure to abide attracts a penalty.

Appearance is our identity. Appearance reveals an unwritten part of our story.

Dress as a prospect, not a suspect. People will be comfortable approaching you if you look neat and endearing. The state of your clothing matters. Your hair and facial look matter. Your nails and shoes matter.

This is far from going for expensive things, rather it’s about neatness. It is not about dirtiness because sometimes what you put on may not be dirty in the eyes but has an unpleasant odour.

Don’t allow yourself look send wrong messages to people that have contact with you and even security agents.

Let your appearance makes you a prospect for the next business, connection, appointment, relationship, partnership etc, than making you look like a suspect for crime and irresponsibility.

Don’t dress to kill because you may not like some kind of killing your dressing will expose you to.

Appearance elicits positive energy and morale. You will agree with me that any day you dresses well, you will feel good, comfortable and happy. Your mood will be welcoming.

Dress to fit who you are and your profession.

It will do us great good if we pay attention to our appearance and make effort to look neat and responsibly.

Thank you for reading my 1kobo though. Do have a super-duper week.

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