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Don’t Count The Days, Make The Days Count.

Don’t Count The Days, Make The Days Count.

The year is fast approaching the end. It seems things are moving at high speed. Many people are jittery because their goals for the year are not achieved.

It is common to see people engage in dubious things to prove a point this end of the year.

Many people are busy counting the days, how many days remains before 2021 finish its course. To some, the year is not treating them good. Hence, it should take its wahala, bad omen away to pave way for 2022.

My dear, all the negativity that is running through your system is caused by your mindset. You have already conditioned your mind to believe that this period is always moving fast. That you should get all the money for the year so that you can travel and prove a point to some people out there who think less of you.

STOP! Is that powerful enough? Until you change your mind configuration the narrative will continue unabated.

What you should do…

Make your days count instead of wasting precious time to count how many days remain. Disturbing yourself for what you cannot change.  Note, you can’t add to the days, you can’t increase the hours per day.

But you can influence what takes place in your space. It is within your power to determine what you would do in the remaining days of the year.

The decision you make counts. Your actions in business, relationship, personal commitment, ministry, partnership, service to God and humanity, etc should count.  Your result count. Your responses to happening in your social milieu in the remaining part of the year count.

Go for what counts. Make your days count. Desist from counting days because you can’t add or subtract from it. It is beyond your power.

Thank you for reading my 1kobo thought.


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