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Does Brain Expire

Does Brain Expire?

You might be wondering why I ask this question because the brain is a given by our Creator. Everybody has a brain.
My thought this morning is base on my observations and the activities of human being around.

I won’t go technical about this write-up but just to arouse your consciousness to help reason in some ways that would bring positive transformation to you.

The use of the word EXPIRE is intentional. Expire can mean things surpassing their used period. No more functional. In this context, it is not that the brain seized to function completely except in the case of death.

Scientists have come up with a report that our brain starts to shrink at age 30s or 40s, that this becomes more serious at the age of 60 and beyond.

For instance, the neuron also called nerve cells which are the fundamental units of the brain and nervous system, is the cell responsible for receiving a sensory impulse from the external world shrinks as we age. The dendrites which help in the signal transmission to the body also retracts as the neurons shrink. It is also held that the part of the brain that developed late is the one that shrinks early. All these affect learning and memory.

In a life circle when someone grows old, his capacity to understand things shrinks. Individuals begin to behave in a way that may seem childish. This person needs more care like a child, his reasoning change. It is a serious crisis period.

Pause and juxtapose the above information with the reality around us.

By implication, there is a time in our life that we should make full use of our brains. There is a time we should stretch our brains to learn as much as we can. There will come a time where learning will seem like capital punishment. And you won’t enjoy it.

It is often said the older people are storehouses of wisdom. This is base on experiences they have gathered over the years which are stored in the subconscious domain. This kind of knowledge may be variance with contemporary knowledge.

It will be difficult for them to understand the changes in development patterns and strategies. The elderly have a role to play which is advisory especially in the maintenance of peace.

They may not be active in contributing to the current development drive that will bring significant transformation at present.

This is the problem we have in our society at all levels. This plays out in government, family, organization etc. Accepting this reality is the major problem and it affects impacts and results. Nobody wants to give up, nobody wants to give others a chance.

Note: Relevance also shrinks with time. No wonder the Holy Book says there is a time to everything under the sun.

Dear reader, I charge you to go for more research on this to enable you to adjust your long-held beliefs. This way, we will promote positive development rather than being a hindrance through our behaviours.

Brain shrinks, brain lose capacity with time. Make use of your brain now, stretch it. If you belong to the elderly group, appreciate natures arrangement, accept realities. Adjust where necessary and love the more, this way you will earn care and respect as an elder statesman.

Thank you so much for reading my 1kobo thought to the end.

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It is time to get the direction to do the right thing at the right time to get the right result.

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