Discovering Potentials.

Every human is born with potentials that will enable him/her to fulfil life purpose. Some individuals are blessed with more than one potentials, therefore, it will be an act of ingratitude for one to think that he/she is less blessed.

Then, what is potential, it is those abilities that is imbedded in an individual to be able to perform certain task. Some potentials that individual has may be inert which must be identified and activated for it to be functional.

Having known that we are blessed with diverse potentials, it is our responsibility to activate those potentials in us for use. It is worthy to note that every potential must fulfil tripartite functions: 1. It must be used for the benefit of the individual that has the potential; 2. It must be harnessed for the benefit of the society; 3. and must be used to the service of God the Architect of our potentials.

Apparently, the journey to self discovery is an herculean task which many who started it could not reach their success point. Others are afraid to start, they rescind to fate. They prefer being in their situation because to them failure is not in their dictionary. They see impossibility always at the detriment of their success. In the words of Alexander Bonaparte, impossibility can only be found in the dictionary of fools. Does this mean that those people are living in the “fool’s paradise”? I would not know but they do…

What Is The Panacea?

Every problem has one or more means of solving it. If you are stock, confused, that is, you don’t know your purpose in life, you don’t find joy in what you are doing. To you life is not fair…pause! That is normal about life…yes it is normal, you are definitely not the first to be in such situation. Your situation is amenable, there is hope. The only thing you should do is to stick to this blog to read the concluding part of this post.

Next post on discovering your potentials will focus on solutions. 5 steps you should follow to discover yourself and match forward to the path of success.

Till then.


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