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Dealing With Distractions

Dealing With Distractions.

Distractions are things that take our attention away from our goals. Anything we plan to do is a goal, but if our focus is taken away from their goal, it means distraction has set in. Anything that takes time that was not originally assigned to it can be seen as a distraction because it has caused a delay in the plan.

Distraction is common in our daily living. No individual that does not experience distraction in a day. So, it is a necessary occurrence. This means that we cannot take it away completely from us but we can manage it.

There are mind-blowing statistics about distractions. Let’s consider it: On average, a person is distracted every 11 minutes and it will take the person about 25 minutes to get back to focus again. I want you to pause and reason the startling statistics. Juxtapose it with your experience to either affirm it or debunk it. You must be sincere to mirror yourself properly to ascertain the truth.

If the statistic is true or even near the truth, do your calculation add the number to days, weeks, months and even years to have a clear picture of how much time you lost to distraction.

Back to our statistics, if you are an average person… let’s be generous and say that you probably have 12 productive hours each day. At best you will only get about 3 hours of actual productive hours in that day. That means you are losing 9hours every day to distractions. Imagine how much you would have accomplished with the lost time.

That precious time lost is irredeemable you can’t get it back. It is gone forever.

In this world, we have average people and performers.

Average people are prone to distractions. They will easily fall to distractions. They lack the energy to remain focus. They are the majority of people in the world. They are always satisfied with the little, they don’t like stress. They find it difficult to go the extra mile.

While the performers are table shakers. They are prepared always for the unexpected. They push through distractions. They are focused. They plan their days. They are achievers. They understand the operation of distractions and devise means for managing them. Instead of losing whopping 9 hours, performers will rather use 9 hours for their productivity and lose 3 hours to distractions. That is why they achieve more.

The question is, are you average or a performer?

The truth. You have the power in your hands to manage or control distraction. The reason being that every incidence of distraction has choices. So, it is in your hand to chose. Either you chose to be distracted or you pass. Distraction is an internal struggle. Everything that makes you buy into its antics happen in your subconscious mind. It is also that realm that you can manage it.

Let me reiterate, nobody is free from distractions. But, when you committed to something, getting it done will be easy. You can’t battle distraction as in physical combat, but it is a mindset fight. You resist it in your mind.

If you want to pee now. There is nothing that will distract you from going to pee. The pee is very hot that if you dare try to hold it, you would be disgraced. You must pee to be free. That same focus and commitment should be applied to what you are doing.

You can be distracted by what you see, hear, feel and perceive.

How can you overcome distraction?

• Get a goal and be committed to it.

• Get a daily to-do schedule and tight it to your goals.

• Plan for a break, don’t work at a stretch, your body needs it. Frequent plan break helps to refresh the mind.

• Turn off your phone and other gadgets notifications, rather assign time for checking your emails, social media messages etc. Don’t force yourself to stop completely because it will hook you.

• Get your space organized. Arrange Things properly in your workplace to avoid unnecessary distractions.

• Take more challenging tasks.

• Have mentors and learn from them how they manage their distractions.

• Don’t be emotional about distractions.

• Be intentional while dealing with distractions.

• Don’t see distraction as your enemy, but rather as a motivation that would push you to be more committed.

• Learn decision making since distraction is a choice, weigh the pros and cons of every distractive tendency to have awareness of what decision to make. A wrong decision would always turn out to be a distraction

• Learn time management and practice it. Distractions would always take our time. If you have more time, you can achieve more if you are committed.
• Etc

The power to get your time back from distraction is in your hand. Always make a good choice.

Thank you for reading my 1kobo thought.

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