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Dangers Of A Can’t Mindset

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Dangers Of A CAN’T Mindset

Mindset is simply the way we think about things. It is our outlook, psyche, thoughts, ethos, world-view, etc.

Every individual has a mindset. Individual mindsets operate in different ways based on exposure and influence. Accumulation of both positive and negative experiences shapes our mindset.

Some different words/phrases are used in describing the type of mindset we have based on our outward expressions like behaviour patterns, our reactions in words and deeds, our way of life etc. We have such descriptions as a fixed mindset, growth mindset, closed mindset, abundance mindset etc.

However, our concern today is on the word CAN’T – CAN’T Mindset. The word can’t is very powerful. It is one of the negative words that induce a swift response from our brain. It most times portrays inability and incapacitation.

Some people always like to use the word can’t.

CAN’T reflect weakness. The frequency of its usage affects the brain and mindset configuration. The mind will set the word on default which makes it difficult for you to escape it.

Having a CAN’T Mindset makes you lose the winning power. It conditions you to see impossible scenarios instead of possibilities. It takes away your WILL POWER. A mere mention of the word would activate negative energy within you which will send a cool sensation to your body resulting in indecision and inaction.

For instance, in customer service, it is wrong and unprofessional for a front desk staff or anybody in the company, shop, business place attending to customer/client to respond to a customer with the word I can’t, I don’t, etc. These words show a lack of concern. Sir, I can’t leave my desk now to check or confirm that A or B for you… responding this way would send a negative message to the customer… it means he is not valued, not important, is not welcome, he should go to the competitor, etc. You would rather say, thank you for your decision to do business with us, please can you give me 2 minutes to tidy my desk, or please sir hold on for a minute or two, let me call my colleague in charge of the unit to attend to you. The latter response will calm the customer’s nerves.

Note: A CAN’T mindset does not take risks and always dwells in the comfort zone. It often sees how things would not work. It makes you become a fear addict. It won’t allow you to try new things. It is ant-change

Our level of performance and success in life is a function of the type of mindset we have. Unfortunately, some people don’t know the type of mindset they have. Having awareness of our mindset is a sine qua non to the achievement of our life goals. Your thought must align with your actions. Your actions must align with your goals. You cannot become what you want to become in life when you are addicted to I CAN’T.

What You Should Do

  1. First, take an intentional step to identify your type of mindset.
  2. Do a mindset detox exercise
  3. Be committed to positive affirmation first thing in the morning.
  4. Be mindful of your external locus of control.
  5. Join a mastermind group or community to shape your worldview and reasoning patterns.
  6. Do a what-if exercise… What is the worse thing that will happen to you if you remain in your current state of mindset or what is the best thing that will happen to you if you change your current mindset?
  7. Have a mindset coach, mentor, and sign up for courses that will help to shape your personality.
  8. Be open to welcoming positive change.
  9. Be committed to learning new things daily.
  10. Model successful people.

Dear friend, CAN’T Mindset would deprive you of sustainable joy. Limit your growth level and make you lose your power.

Resolve to develop a CAN mindset to replace a CAN’T mindset. Though it will take time and effort to achieve it, you will be happy to see the positive result in the end.

Thank you so much for reading through my 1kobo thought.


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