The concepts of customer relationship management and its role in business growth is very vital to businesses, companies, organizations, entrepreneurs, CEOs, Managers, Proprietors, self-employed individuals, law firms, corporate organizations, transporters, the list goes on and on.Customer Relationship Management1

Customers are known by different nomenclatures such as clients, passengers, consumers, staff, agent, buyer, purchaser, patron, shopper, punter etc. It is worthy to note that everybody under the earth fall into one category of customers or the other as far as we have need and is being provided by another.

The importance of customers cannot be overemphasized because success of any business depends on customer. Show a business without good customer base and I will point to you a failed, bankrupt and closed business as well as an hungry man/woman. Customers are the tap root of every business.

Unfortunately, the same set of people are being neglected and look down by some businesses. They are being treated as nobody. Have you ever heard someone said to a customer ” I’m not praying to have such customer like you, never come to my shop, company again, any time I see you here you will be arrested”….hmmmm. Ignorance, but it’s not an excuse because payback time will certainly come.

Effective customer relationship management is key to business growth. If you can manage your customers well and treat them like Kings and Queens, you see your business grow exponentially. It is not a joke or fluke but tested fact. Customers’ needs that smiles, petting on a Monday morning.  They are like a just wedded wife, you don’t want to stress her, you want to do everything for her, likewise the woman, she does not want the new guy to be off her sight in seconds. Customers need same from you. It’s not too much to offer.

You may have heard before that ”customer is always right’‘, being a popular statement by John Wannamaker, a Philadelphian departmental store keeper. Why did he say so? Does it mean that customers have all right to act without regards to human dignity? Absolutely not so, But they are right in the sense that, they pay your bills. Your clothing, transportation, feeding, communication, and whatever money can buy is made possible them. Without them, you wouldn’t be in business.

Therefore, you have to be patience with them…is it so difficult to answer stupid while collecting money to solve your pressing need.  After all, the insult is not written anywhere on your body. So why provoke?

Scenario 1: Treat one customer with respect and courtesy, see him/her bring his friends, family members, making referrals and advertising your business free of charge for you. He/she will even give you gift in addition to their normal charge. One happy customer has the tendency of bringing more than 10 new customers to your business.

Scenario 2: It is often said that bad thing spread faster than good. A customer badly treated can never be happy. And if a customer is not happy, he/she will be easily provoked. It becomes very difficult to satisfy such customer. Hence, spreading of bad report about your business, product and services, staff, company itself is common among them.

This type of customer will ruin your business. He/she will discourage both existing and prospecting customers to stay away from your business. You know what that means. One unhappy customer can chase more than 10 customers away from patronizing you.

What should you do? You have to invest in effective customer service. You and your staff should undergo customer service training to get strategic customer service information and skills. Remember it is said that information rules the world. Get good book that has simple practical steps to follow and make the necessary change in your business.

Meanwhile your solution is not far fetch. The secret of how you can treat your customer and win them to do business with you for life is revealed in an intellectual master piece, go for it here to save your business, company, organization from undergoing bankrupt. A word is enough for the wise.


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