Coconut Provide Necessities of Life

Coconut Study By Journal Of Nutrition

For example, a study published in the Journal of Nutrition studied 25 women who were given three different diets: A diet high in coconut oil, a low-fat diet with small amounts of coconut oil, and a diet high in polyunsaturated fats. Each diet lasted three weeks.


As you might guess, the highest increase in HDL was seen in the women who ate the high fat, coconut oil diet. You can read our previous article on coconut necessities of life here

Coconut Replaces Vital Mineral.

One thing coconut don’t have is a lot of vitamins. Many so-called skin care and health experts keep telling you that coconuts are healthy because they are “high” in this or that vitamin, but it’s just not true.

A cup of raw coconut only has 0.2 mg of vitamin E, 2 mg of vitamin C, no vitamin A, almost zero B vitamins, and 0.2 mcg of vitamin K.9. What coconuts do have are lots of minerals. A cup of coconut has a good amount of iron, zinc, copper, selenium and potassium.

You might be asking yourself, why go to all that trouble? As it turns out, the water and jelly of young coconuts are rich in magnesium.
We don’t get much magnesium any more.

The mineral content of vegetables today has dropped by more than 80% in some cases.
Commercial farming technology and powerful fertilizers practically sterilize the soil — leaving it with almost no mineral content. Magnesium content in vegetables has dropped between 25-80% since before 1950.10 Sadly, we’re not getting it from other foods either.
• Refined grains remove 80-97% of magnesium.
• Refined oils remove all magnesium.
• Refined sugar removes all magnesium.

This is bad news, because magnesium is one of your body’s master minerals. You need it to make antioxidants, and it helps fight anxiety and fatigue. It also tones blood vessels, enhancing circulation in the tiny
vessels in your eyes and ears, giving you sharper hearing and vision.

You need magnesium for healthy blood sugar and bone building. Magnesium is especially important for your heart.

Did you know that magnesium is unique in that it helps maintain a healthy electrical balance required for normal heart rhythm?
Your heart works because of electricity… a tiny bioelectric current that keeps it beating steadily. Without magnesium, the electrical impulses would stop.

Recent research shows that people who get the least amount of magnesium have a 50% higher risk of heart problems. Magnesium used to be in your drinking water. But water with a high mineral content — “hard”
water — fell out of favor because most people don’t like the taste.

And, as you get older, not only do you lose magnesium from the place where you store most of it — your bones — but magnesium stored in bones isn’t completely bioavailable as you age.

However, you can change all that by drinking coconut water. And it has other health benefits
as well.

To Be Continued.

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