Chinese Bamboo Trees


The bamboo tree success lesson is a classic representation of what is expected from anyone desirous of becoming successful in life. The story of the Chinese bamboo tree depicts patience and persistent actions put to work in many spheres of human endeavour.  Success means achieving a result in whatever one is doing. Success is relative. One can be successful in business but not in family life or relationship. It is also possible to achieve reasonable success in all aspect of life if one is open to learning and follows key rules guiding them.

The Chinese Bamboo Tree Story.

What is the story of Chinese bamboo tree and its implication in business? First, I want to say that this story can be applied in all aspect of our lives. The Chinese Bamboo Tree takes five years to grow. The tree is special compare to other trees, needs watering, fertile oil and sunshine. The tree must be nurtured for 5years before the expected growth manifest.

The seed of bamboo is planted, after the first year, nothing happen. Second year pass the seed is yet to grow out the ground. The third and fourth year comes and gone nothing happens. The tree begin growth in the fifth year. The Chinese bamboo tree takes 6weeks to grow 80ft tall. The question is, does this tree 80ft growth take place within the 6weeks period or the exponential growth took place during the 5year period of nurturing the seed while in the soil? The growth actually took place during the 5year period.

Lessons Derived From Chinese Bamboo Tree Story

Every business is a product of imagination/ideas. Setting up business demand strategic plans that will be a guide for implementation of the business idea. Some start business shabbily without plans in place. Some embark on business because others doing similar business are successful. A business that lacks strategic plan cannot be sustained. Initial success cannot be managed and sustained. Challenges in such business cannot be handle because the initiator of the business didn’t envisage challenges rather all focus was on expected success.

A keen consideration of the bamboo tree story portrays strategic plans that is driven by passion, action, patience and persistence. The farmer plants the trees, he watered, fertilize and nurture it for 5years without being tired. He already had 5years nurturing plan in place. He was patience, he persists in his action. He avoids anything that will take his mind away from his plan. He didn’t dick the ground to check whether the seed has started the process of growth every year because he knew that might affect the growth.

While the seed was in the ground, it gets itself prepared to face the atmospheric conditions that it will encounter when it germinates. The plant was ready. It develops root that will support the growth in the outside environment. Both the planter and the seed are prepared and ready. The tree is able to manage its growth of 80ft tall in 6weeks.  Breeze which could have been a challenge to the tree by falling it down is check because the tree has taken time to growth its root to be firm on ground. At the end, the expectation of the farmer is made, and success achieved.

Questions every business person should answer.

What are your plans for that business you are doing or planning to set up?

What is the level of your knowledge about your chosen field of business?

Have you acquired the necessary skills that will empower you to nurture that business to success?

Are your actions towards your business growth consistent?

Do you have faith that your action will pay in the future?

Are you driven by passion or quick money making?

Are you ready to learn, re-learned and un-learned?

While still thinking about that business idea, pause and consider the Chinese bamboo tree story. As a business with mentality of making quick money…hold on… take time out and learn the lesson from the Chinese Bamboo Tree. You that is struggling without success, you have to pause and check your plans, check your actions, check yourself, how knowledgeable you are concerning that business.

 Note: Do not persist in wrong action, doing things that will not bring good result and expect success. You must consult those that knows better than you. Your status or level of education does not matter. Even though it means learning the right thing from your subordinate, be humble enough to do that. No business thrives without strategic plans, persistent action, patience, passion and direction.

Strategic plans back by persistent actions result to sustainable success.



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