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Bulksms Marketing has gained prominent in the world business advertising or promotion. This is done through the use of mobile phones. Mobile Phone has become one of the most owned gadget in the world. According to research by mobile-ent.biz, the number of phones owned are more than human being in the world. About 6.920 billion phone connections compared to the estimated 6.915 billion people. Top Reliable SMS Platform offers quality services to her clients.

Targeted Bulksms Marketing
Targeted Bulksms Marketing

At Top Reliable SMS, we offer efficient, fast and reliable SMS platform that enables you to send text messages with 99.9% delivery rate. As a business concerns we treasure our client/customers as gold, hence their satisfaction is our priority.

Our Target

Every human being. Are you a business man/woman, Trader, a School, Organisations, Corporate bodies, Professional bodies, Government Agency and Parastatal, an artist, an estate agent, Religious Organizations, Sporting club, Marketing company, Individuals etc e.t.c. SMS is the quickest way to get messages through from one entity to another.

MOBILE ADVERTISING has made reaching customers easy now a days than before. It potential of increasing the percentage of Return On Investment by 40% with proper integration. Mobile advertising has already gained prominence in the field of advertising.

Sign Up with us as a Reseller and experience uninterrupted quality services while reaching targeted audience and client with best bulksms marketing system. Be your own boss and self reliance be owning your own bulksms marketing portal. The prizes are friendly  and negotiable.

Become our reseller get a complete SMS website of your own (www.yourbusinessname.com) installed with our robust program that makes it possible for you to sell SMS, manage your members, get orders, approve purchases, view transactions.  As a reseller, you can get SMS at very low prices. Our system delivers sms globally to all network. Our payment is flexible both online and banks.

Pay online & banks
Pay online and Banks

NCC’S Do Not Disturb (DND)Activation

Recent Problem with Bulk SMS Delivery & its Solution, All GSM Networks recently enabled a service called DND(Do not Disturb). Many subscribers has put their Numbers on DND List, To avoid Bulk SMS, VAS promos, etc.) hence blocked Delivery and Reduced SMS Delivery ratio, To solve this issue on GLO, Airtel & Etisalat, Text “HELP” to 2442 on your phone for details on how to Opt Out. While for MTN Only Send “ALLOW” to 2442, Once the above is done the Number will be removed from the DND Service & will be able to receive Bulk SMS, if unblocking does not work for MTN with the above, de-activate it online. Inform all your clients, friend, members, etc.

Top Reliable SMS Corporate Route

We have corporate route that is DND free open to our customers. It is our top priority to provide efficient and reliable Bulksms marketing service to our teaming customers. And we are committed to maintain the standard no matter the challenges that might come our way in the process of service delivery. Sign Up for the corporate route and send your sms to DND numbers with 100% delivery guaranteed.

WINNER, WON,PROMO, CONGRATULATION, MTN, 180,GLO, FBI, CIA, EFCC,CALL, HURRAY etc. ALWAYS INCLUDE HYPEN (-) IN NUMBERS eg TEL: 0706-955-5553 OR A/C NO :012-0854-885 , please, Test across Networks before Sending SMS (Some blacklisting are network Specific) for Details Please call +234-(806)3688478


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Visit our Top Reliable SMS at www.topreliablesms.com or Call 08063688478; 08068853587. Email: topreliablesms@gmail.com.