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The Bridge

Greetings to all who have been following this space. It is a beautiful day and the beginning of the week. Also, the last few days to wrap up this month.

Our discussion this morning is on the bridge. The bridge is a structure constructed over a river, road, railway etc that aid human and vehicular movement from one side to another.

Importance of bridge

The importance of the bridge can not be overemphasized. The bridge forms a connection for two separate ends. It forces the coming together. The bridge ease movement to the destination. The bridge cuts long distances short and serves time. For the bride to serve its purpose, it must be strong. Good and standard materials must be used in its construction.

If the bridge does not exist where it suppose to be people will suffer. The movement will be hindered. The journey to the other side will be time-consuming and difficult. It can lead to stress on the human body and vehicles.

The bridge is very important, hence government spend a huge sum of money to constructed bridges on the road, river to aid movement, connect communities, and enhance economic activities.

Let us look at the concept of the bridge from another perspective.

Human beings can perform the function of the bridge in life. We can be the bridge that one uses to cross over to the better side of life. You can be the connection someone need to become something in life.

Many people needs a human bridge to actualize their dreams in life. Many people need you to get to the next level. You can be that bridge through referral, recommendation, introduction. It can be just a mentioning of the person name. This can be through one positive statement you make about someone. It can be through that call, text message, a chat, email.

You can be the bridge to a healthy life by showing kindness and smiling faces to others. You can be a bridge by giving hope to those whose hope have been dashed. You can be that bridge that gives assurance of a better outcome to others when they are faced with failure tendencies. You can be that bridge by encouraging someone to keep moving forward.

Be a strong bridge in partnership. Avoid being a broken bridge to your partner in the relationship, business, project, the journey of life etc.

The fact remains that everybody needs a bridge at some point in the journey of life. No matter how strong, powerful and status in the society, you need the bridge to get smooth movement.

Let us position ourselves as the strong bridge that is needed to make life easy and meaningful.
Thank you for reading my 1kobo thought this morning.
Be that strong bridge today.

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