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Another December Celebrations

Another December Celebrations!

Compliment of the season to all my friends and readers.

I’m eternally grateful to God for keeping us alive to be partakers of this period.

I thank you all for always reading, liking, commenting and sharing my content on this space. You are the best.👍keep the fire burning🔥🔥🔥.

Let’s get into the days topic: Another December Celebrations. A lot happens within this period. This is a period of festivity where people celebrate all kinds of things. A lot of money and material resources are sacrificed at the altar of celebration.

Some of the things people celebrate do not worth the trouble. It seems as if there is a spirit that controls people during this time.

Some people spend their annual savings to eat, drink and travel as if their life only depends on those. They don’t care about what will happen in the other months. Already they have held this erroneous belief that January is always a hard period. Hence, they will struggle to survive. When we reach the bridge we will cross…hmmm.😎😎🤓🤓

My dear, there will be another December. How long will you continue in this cycle of irresponsible spending? Funnily enough, the jamboree does not last long. Happiness is short-lived.

It is time we give serious consideration to this recurring decimal that does not help us to live and achieve our purpose rather do us more harm than good.

There should be mindset reconfiguration. We should change our reasoning.

It is time to set goals. Let every of our spending be tied to goals. Having goals will condition you to moderate your spending. Don’t just spend the money because it’s available now. If you spend all today, what will you spend tomorrow? I know there is expectation to get more money tomorrow, but what if the reverse play out.

Learn to set goals, plan your expenses during the period. Start now to set your 2022 goals.

Thank you for reading my 1kobo thought.


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