…Applauds Him For 500KVA Transformer Donation

By Mberekkeobong Essien

The people of Afaha Ediene community in Ikono Local Government Area, have commended the Executive Chairman of Ikono, Hon. Itoro Columba, for recently donating a 500KVA transformer to the community and for providing other basic amenities of life to alleviate their sufferings.

The Village Chairman of Afaha Ediene Community, Chief Udo Uwene Ekanem made the commendation last Friday when stakeholders of the village led by their Village Head, Chief Uwem Akpan Umoren, paid a thank you visit to the council boss at the chairman’s private residence.

Speaking further, Chief Ekanem said, the provision of a 500KVA transformer came as a surprise to them, having explored all available avenues to secure a replacement to their transformer which had broken down for years without success.

The Village Chairman added, that when the two old transformers in the area malfunctioned, the stakeholders consulted the chairman on the deplorable situation which gave rise to power outage in the area for years. He lauded the speedy and prompt response with which the council helmsman attended to the situation.

“Today is a very happy day in our history as a people. When we were in dillema beyond limit, especially when both transformers in Afaha Ediene couldn’t packed up, we made consultations to you, and you actually gave us a listening ear. Today, we are happy as a people assured to have full power supply, once it’s fully installed. For this and many more things you have done for us including the 1.5km reticulated solar-powered water facility and regularly graded roads, we are here to unanimously pass a vote of confidence on you and to assure you that we shall swim and float with you in all your political career”, he said.

Recieving the community leaders, the result-oriented chairman of Ikono, Hon Itoro Columba, described Afaha Ediene Community as one of the villages he so much loves since assumption of office and will always give special concentration to.

“What you have done today has given you the license to play Oliver Twist, because you have appreciated the first one, you are free to ask for more. I am a fan of gratitude which means that I appreciate little things people do for me; and also cherish it when people appreciate what I do for them. By coming back to say thank you, you have won my heart”, he said.

The Council Chairman further explained, “Afaha Ediene is the number five community I have donated a transformer to ever since I became Chairman. People have different reasons for seeking public offices, but I sought this public office so that I can use it to be of good service to my people. And within the last 2 years plus I have held sway as Chairman, I have tried all my best to justify the mandate that the gforvv people of Ikono gave me”.

“We came with the ‘UnwanaAdi’ mantra that is both fiqurative and literal; imagine a community without power supply for many years and how very devastating the experience can be. I elected to change that story at Afaha Ediene and I’m fulfilled you appreciate it”.

Mr Columba poured encomiums on Governor Udom Emmanuel whom he described as the one who discovered him and thanked him for all his sacrifices for Akwa Ibom people; a virtue he said he had elected to emulate and replicate in Ikono.

Earlier, the Chairman of Ward 9 Elders Forum, Mr Charles Umoh aka Charlie Bright noted, that the essence of coming was to pay homage to the Ikono Chief Executive whose stellar leadership can be compared to none.

Also speaking, the Village Head, Chief Uwem Umoren, applauded Mr Columba for keeping to his word, adding that his people are in full support of his political ambition while praying for God’s protection upon hiim.

They all eulogized the helmsman for providing those basic amenities of life which have brought succour and alleviate the sufferings of his constituents in the area, while pledging their unalloyed support to stand by him in his next political adventure.

Highpoints of the visit was the presentation of farm produce and other tokens of homage to the host in appreciation of his good deeds to the community over time.

Others present at the thank you meeting included the International Youth President of Afaha Ediene, Mr Okon Udonde; Afaha Ediene Youth President, Mr Nduese Ekanem, Mr Aniekan Udo; Obong Eyo Uwaha; Mr Edet Uyo; Mr Etido Inyang; Mr Itohowo Okon Udonde; Mr Ime Edet Okon, among others.

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