About Us

About Us Information Page.

About Us Information Page, captures briefly concerns and passion of ND-one Infoblog on human development. The world is control by information, hence the level of advancement in human life and even society depends largely on the amount of strategic and valuable information at their disposal.

About Us Information Page
About Us

Empowerment Through Information

ND-one Infoblog is own by professionals in diverse field of endeavour. We have passion in touching lives through information sharing. We believe that with correct information at ones disposal and diligent application of such information nothing would be impossible. We spent time, money and other resources to carry out research on different interest areas that is a need in human development. Our interest covers Business, Health, Digital Marketing, Consulting, Education, Coaching, Mentoring, eBooks, e-Cards, Communication, Entrepreneurship, Training and Lifestyle. There is no limit to human capacity to excel but some need guidance to breakthrough.

Our Motto:

”It Is Possible”

Our Mission

We have a mission to empower as many as will have contact with us through this platform and offline for them to be self reliance and in the process lead a healthy life. We have special interest to expose the youths to legal means of making money on a daily basis through genuine and reliable information. IT IS POSSIBLE.