About Us

About Us Information Page.

About Us Information Page, captures briefly concerns and passion of ND-one Infobiz on human development. The world is control by information, hence the level of advancement in human life and even society depends largely on the strategies, tools and valuable information at their disposal.

About Us Information Page
About Us

Meet The Vision Bearer

ND-one Infobiz is own by Mr Ndiana-Abasi Ekarika. He is a Business Consultant,  an acredited Life Coach, Trained Counselor, Content Developer, an Author etc. He has vast knowledge in different on business development, management, branding and start-up, coaching, digital markteing. He is driven by passion in touching lives through information sharing. He has a team he work with to actualise the set vision.

Our Focus

Our areas of focus span across business, ICT, coaching and mentoring, health, entrepreneurship, customer relationship management and human capacity development.

Our Motto:

”It Is Possible”

Our Mission

Our Mission is to help and empower clients with tools, strategies and information that enable them to discover their potential, set up workable business, revive failed business, provide strategies and tools for start-ups for growth, provide geniune income generation ideas to our clients, health education, etc through this platform and offline positioning them to be self reliance and in the process lead successful and health life.

Our Vision

A vision of empowering our clients with information, strategies and tools that will transform their lives to become self-reliance, gain financial freedom and become sucessful in their chosen endeavour within a reasonable period.

How Do We Achieve Our Mission

We have deliberate plan and proven strategies that aid our delivery. These include:

  • Consulting
  • Coaching
  • Mentorship
  • Courses
  • Tools and Book recommendation
  • One on One and Telecasting